Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction

Enlargement of the male breast is actually very common. Many men are often embarrassed to seek consultation about this condition, feeling that the situation is unusual. It is a normal temporary occurrence in about 70% of boys going through puberty, and occurs very frequently in young men. The incidence increases as men get older.

The term gynecomastia means development of breast tissue in a male; however, the majority of the patients we see more often have fat deposits in the chest area that can be unsightly and disturbing. The fat is often combined with actual breast tissue development in the male. As previously mentioned, it is a very common condition.

The treatment of this condition changed for the better when liposuction techniques were developed. Now, most men can be treated with liposuction alone. The actual type of procedure will depend on whether the enlargement is primarily fat or breast glandular tissue. Usually, Dr. Morris can tell by carefully examining you. Dr. Morris will use liposuction if the breast enlargement is mostly due to fatty tissue with minimal to moderate amounts of breast tissue; however, if the enlargement is due mostly to very firm breast tissue, direct excision and removal is required. The instrumentation used for liposuction has improved in the last few years so that we can use liposuction exclusively for almost all patients.

During the Surgery

If, as is the usual case, liposuction alone is used, only tiny incisions beneath the breasts are necessary. If actual excision of breast tissue is necessary, the incision will need to be a bit longer and a drain tube may be left in place for a few days. Surgery usually takes about one hour.

After the Surgery

We apply a compression garment to the chest that is worn day and night for two weeks and then just at night for two more weeks. Most people are driving and functioning normally within a few days.

Patients can go back to any form of exercise usually within a week or two. Once the condition is treated it is extremely unlikely for it to recur.

The Stages of Recovery

For gynecomastia procedures with liposuction, the average....
Hospitalization time: Outpatient
Bruising and swelling resolve: 7-21 days
Return to work, social activity: 1-3 days
Aerobic or strenuous activity: 14 days