HRT and Sexual Rejuvenation

HRT and Sexual Rejuvenation

O-Shot and P-Shot



It's bad enough to have the problems we have discussed previously when you are in a short term or slightly longer relationship – a much worse problem occurs with those in a long term relationship.


This dramatically compounds the problem – it generally progresses with some variation of this:


A man starts his “normal” decrease in testosterone levels – this can cause issues with ED – trouble getting an erection or trouble getting a hard enough erection or trouble maintaining an erection.  


This is made worse by the fact that as we get older, life becomes more complicated and often full of worry due to job and financial matters – things you could have cared less about when you were younger.  This adds to the problem of ED.


His partner starts to interpret the ED issues as a loss of interest in her – which 99% of the time is the farthest thing from the truth.  She will often express this to her man and this only adds to the pressure he feels, making the problem worse and worse.


He is often so confused – he wants to enjoy sex and please his partner but his body just won't cooperate – he starts to feel like less and less of a man which only adds to his stress which only compounds the problem more and more.  The vast majority of guys take pride in being able to please their woman and not being able to do this makes him feel worse and worse.

Eventually, he often, or always, tries to avoid sex so as to not have to deal with the emotional issues surrounding the problems he's having.  This only reinforces his partner's belief that he is not interested in her – which makes the problem worse – makes him avoid her more … gets worse and worse – get the picture of this terrible situation?


Conversely, from the woman's side, many things can happen as well.  She may have lubrication issues making sex unsatisfying or even worse, painful.  This makes her want to avoid having sex.  She can't orgasm like she used to and may not want to make her man feel bad by either having to fake this or not have one at all not to mention that she wants that great feeling again as well.


She too is subject to the pressures of daily life.  Having a job and running the household all take their toll on her sexual response and potential for enjoyment.  For women, sex tends to have a much more emotional and mental component so stresses may build to the point where they interfere with her ability to be aroused.


Also, in contrast to most men, women tend to be subject to body image issues which can really mess up the emotional aspect of her sex drive and satisfaction.  The changes from pregnancies and hormonal changes often resulting in weight gain can be have a devastating effect.


Testosterone generates a woman's sex drive and enjoyment just like men.  Most women experience a decrease in testosterone just as men do.  Therefore, HRT is very important for women as well.


She often is often confused about why her body and mind don't respond like they used to – this also may make her avoid having sex.


When one looks at the combination of all of the factors just mentioned, it is easy to see why so many couples have significant issues in their sex lives often creating problems with their overall relationship.


Fortunately the O-Shot and P-Shot, often combined with HRT can make a dramatic improvement and restore a healthy, loving and satisfying relationship:

Think and concentrate for a moment about why you are looking at this website.  We are all in the same boat!  Nobody, male or female, is immune.  We are all in this together.

Both of these painless (for almost everyone) procedures are designed to help men and women return to a more youthful state of sexual enjoyment and performance and to eliminate discomfort, anxiety and worry.

As we age, hormonal changes and physical changes secondary to these as well as tissue aging cause difficulties with sexual performance and enjoyment.

VIRTUALY EVERY MAN begins to see a decrease in his testosterone levels and other hormonal changes beginning around age 30.  This gradually and usually leads to:

Erectile Dysfunction

Weight Gain

Lack of energy and motivation

Brain “fog” or memory issues

Loss of strength and muscle mass

Lack of interest in sex

Breast development

Hair Loss

The P-Shot can help with issues related to erectile dysfunction and sexual performance – the other issues listed above are best handled with hormonal replacement therapy (HRT) and fine tuning which we also offer.  The HRT also can have a significant effect on ED and sexual performance as well.

The procedure is performed by injecting your own platelet rich plasma (PRP) into the penis.  A painless block is performed prior to these injections so that there IS NO PAIN AT ALL – we have men you can talk to to verify this if you can't believe it's true.

The PRP contains quite a number of growth factors, stem cells, blood vessel generation factors, etc... to return your penis to a more youthful state.

We painlessly obtain a small amount of your blood and then spin it in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the other components of the blood.  The plasma is then prepared and injected.  The actual injections take about 2 minutes – the rest of the time is spent preparing your blood and waiting for the block to work to provide a painless experience.

While some men notice effects almost immediately, for the majority, the effects begin to become apparent at about three weeks following the injections and then gradually increase until about the eighth week.  For some men, one treatment lasts for a year or more, and for others, an additional injection is needed for maximal effect.  We wait at least 8 weeks before considering another treatment to allow time for full effect from the first set of injections.

VIRTUALLY EVERY WOMAN who has given birth has issues with urinary incontinence – leaking when laughing, crying, lifting, coughing or straining.  This leads to extreme inconvenience and embarrassment.  Fortunately, the O-Shot has an extremely high success rate at eliminating or significantly improving this situation.

In addition, sexual performance and enjoyment can be enhanced dramatically as well.  Many women suffer with problems with lubrication which can make sex unsatisfying and in fact, painful.  Therefore, even if the desire is there, many women choose to avoid sex due to the lack of pleasure or pain.

The inability to orgasm or the lack of intensity of orgasms also can be very troublesome.  This may be due to lubrication and / or many other factors as well.

The O-Shot can painlessly help in all of these areas.

Women who have had the O-Shot describe elimination or significant improvement in urinary leakage, increased vaginal lubrication, increased ability to orgasm, increased intensity of orgasms and the ability to have multiple orgasms.

The procedure is performed by injecting your own platelet rich plasma (PRP) into one area of your vagina and your clitoral region.  A painless block is performed prior to these injections so that there IS NO PAIN AT ALL – we have women you can talk to to verify this if you can't believe it's true.  They describe pressure, not pain.

Please call the office today at 989.832.5055 for more information or to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation.  If desired, the procedures can almost always be performed the same day as the consultation, if desired.