Brow Lift

Brow Lift

The endoscopic brow lift, sometimes in combination with eyelid correction, can be one of the most dramatic procedures one can undergo to improve the appearance of an aging face. Most patients are not aware of how the forehead and brow area can affect the overall appearance of the face. Even plastic surgeons often overlook this vitally important area and simply try to achieve correction with eyelid surgery alone.

Most patients do not require a brow lift – eyelid surgery is sufficient. However, it will significantly enhance the result in those that do. Occasionally, a brow lift alone may be all the correction some individuals require. Dr. Morris will carefully evaluate your individual situation and advise you accordingly.

What A Brow Lift Does

A brow lift corrects more than just the brows. It lifts heavy tissue out of the upper eyelid, making the eye look fresher and more open. It can also improve the frown wrinkles between the eyes.

When people look at you, they make eye contact. The forehead and brow tissues affect the appearance of the eyes. If your brow tissues sag downward, they intrude on your eyes, and can make you appear stern or tired.

Low eyebrow position and wrinkling can occur from heredity or from aging. Brow deformities can occur even in young individuals – as early as the twenties. By lifting your brows upward, your eyes will appear larger and more open – you can have a fresher, more energetic look. If your brow has inadequate arch, a brow lift can often create a more pleasing shape and arch to the brow. Proper positioning of the brow is important to achieve the most improvement possible, without creating an overly startled or unnatural look.

Wrinkling can occur simply due to your personal pattern of facial expression, a pattern that is almost impossible to voluntarily change. If you have marked wrinkling between the eyes due to excessive activity of the muscles of expression, muscle activity can be reduced to provide correction of this problem. Normal facial expression and adequate brow movements are preserved.

It is critically important to evaluate the brow position before considering any type of upper eyelid surgery. Dr. Morris will attempt to eliminate or reduce all of the features that concern you. He will strive to give you the most natural result possible.

During the Surgery

A brow lift is performed through three tiny incisions placed within the hair of your scalp and two incisions placed in the hair in the region of your temples. The tissues are lifted and repositioned upward to provide the necessary lift to the brows and reduction of wrinkling.

Dr. Morris will trim no hair, and will close your scalp as carefully as possible to attempt to prevent scar spreading.

After Surgery

Hair almost always grows into the region of the scar. You may wash your hair beginning the first day after surgery.

Your forehead area will feel tight to you for 48-72 hours, and the tightness will gradually resolve over the next several days as the swelling decreases. Most of the bruising gravitates downward into the eyelid area, and can usually be covered by makeup in 5-7 days, or sooner if no eyelid surgery has been performed. Some patients experience no bruising at all. Sutures and small fixation devices are removed painlessly 10 days after the procedure.

You may have a feeling of headache for which we’ll prescribe medication. Most patients require medication for only 2-3 days.

The Stages of Recovery

For brow lift procedures, the average....
Hospitalization time: Outpatient
Bruising and swelling resolve: 5-10 days
Return to work, social activity: 7-14 days
Aerobic or strenuous activity: 14-21 days


The risks of brow lift surgery are extremely small, and we’ll discuss all of them in detail with you when you are in the office. We’ll detail all significant risks in our written information for you to review and consider.

As the swelling decreases and you begin to move your forehead, your tissues will relax slightly after surgery, allowing the brows to move downward slightly. To achieve proper position after this relaxation, your brows may initially need to be lifted slightly higher than their ultimate position. The relaxation phase usually lasts only a few weeks, and you can make adjustments in your make-up to compensate if necessary.


There are always differences in the position and shape of your brows on each side. A brow lift can certainly improve brow deformities, but even after the procedure, you may notice slight differences in brow shape and position, just as those individuals