Breast Procedures

Augmentation, Lift, and Reduction

For many women, their breast size, shape or position can significantly affect their self-image and sense of femininity. Enhancing or re-shaping the breasts can make you feel more comfortable and self-confident both in and out of clothing. If you have excessively large breasts, you can also physically benefit from a breast reduction.

Breast augmentation (enlargement) is one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures performed around the world. Augmentation is performed for a variety of reasons, obviously the primary one being for size increase. The shape and feel of the breast can also be improved with a breast augmentation.

A procedure called a breast lift or mastopexy can elevate and re-shape the breasts to help reverse changes produced by pregnancy, breast-feeding, or significant weight fluctuations. A breast lift often is combined with a breast augmentation to help replace volume lost for the same reasons, if necessary.

Overly large breasts can cause physical symptoms such as neck and back pain and frequent headaches. Also, exercise and other physical activity can be impossible or severely limited. Clothing selection can also be significantly restricted. For these women, a breast reduction or reduction mammaplasty can provide dramatic physical relief.

Are you a good candidate?

In your consultation with Dr. Morris, he will discuss your goals and expectations. He will also examine you and explain what options there are to help improve the concerns that you have. You will also be shown many before and after photographs of patients having similar procedures and Dr. Morris will tell you what options are best for your particular anatomy.

Is recovery difficult?

Rest is recommended for the first day. For several days after most breast procedures, you will wear a special post-surgical bra. Depending on the procedure performed, discomfort is minimal to moderate – usually on the lesser side. Antibiotics will also be prescribed. Rarely there can be bruising but this subsides rapidly. For patients having an implant behind the pectoral muscle we can insert a pain-reliving device, if desired. The sutures used are absorbable, and do not need removal. Dr. Morris will let you know when you can resume your various activities. Most patients are back to work within a few days. Recovery may take a little longer if you have a physically demanding job. Following breast procedures, patients describe a heightened sense of well being and increased self-esteem.

The Procedures – Overview

Breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction are performed on an outpatient basis using general anesthesia. This means you go home the same day.

Breast augmentation usually takes about an hour. Dr. Morris makes an incision under the lower portion of the breast near the chest wall – in contrast to other techniques – he finds that this provides the most control and precision during the procedure.

A breast lift may take two hours more or less, depending on your personal anatomy. In addition to the incision under the breast, other incisions are necessary. These may be around the areola (the colored area around the nipple), and from the bottom of the areola to the incision under the breast. Understandably, the additional scars are a concern of every patient before the surgery; however, virtually all patients afterward agree that the benefits of the procedure far outweigh the typically modest scars.

A breast reduction can take from two to three hours, depending again on your breast structure. Incisions are similar to those of the breast lift. The nipple may be relocated when breasts are very large, after tissue is removed. Most patients describe relief of their symptoms such as neck and back pain, etc., even as they walk out of the hospital. A frequent comment our patients make is, “I wish I had done this years ago!”